The Clover Hill School

Uncommon learning at the core

Early childhood programs inspired by Waldorf Education

2 months – 6 years

The Clover Hill School is an early childhood education center offering programs that prepare children ages 2 months through 6 years for a lifetime of learning without rushing them through childhood. Enroll now!

We are a magical, nurturing community in which each child’s unique gifts unfold at his or her own pace. Our approach is inspired by the philosophy and values of Waldorf Education.



(3 – 6 years)

Parent​/​Caregiver and Child Class

(2 months – 3 years)

Transition Class

(2¾ – 3½ years)

Summer Camp

(3 – 6 years)


Whole-child development through play

Exceptional, devoted, experienced teachers

Favorable teacher-to-student ratio

No devices, no screens, no testing

Natural materials and homemade, organic low allergen snacks

Emphasis on nature

  • “Clover Hill is a sheltering, magical place that provided the best year my daughter could possibly have had.”

  • “Teachers are well versed in building on the joys of friendships, wonders of learning.”

  • “Clover Hill gave my son a great foundation for his life.”

  • “The room was soft, the toys were natural, the food was pure, and the approach was gentle.”

  • “The wonderful, supportive, and warm families…offered a strong social support network and lifelong friendships.”


Lay a foundation for critical thinking via:

Self confidence

Social skills