Growing Together

Growing Together

The Growing Together programs for moms, dads and children are designed to meet the needs of the young child and are inspired by Waldorf education. The Parent & Child program, for children 13 months to 3 years old, meets on Thursdays from 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. Our NEW Parent & Infant program, for children 2 months to 12 months old, meets on Fridays for an hour in a half. We welcome mothers-to-be to this class to share in our activities!

Our classes are led by a trained early childhood Waldorf teacher Come and experience the warm and homelike environment featuring natural, handmade materials. Join in free play, circle time, puppetry, snacks and outdoor play. Learn about the wonderful benefits and meaningful results moms, dads and their children realize from these special programs! This will become a weekly activity time that you and your child will cherish. Handouts with discussion of parenting topics are also an important part of our program.

Growing Together classes meet at The Clover Hill School, 2 Emerson Street, Norwalk, CT.

Two sessions of Growing Together classes are offered each school year. Our Fall session runs from September through January and our Winter/Spring session runs from February through June. Please visit our admissions page to download an enrollment form.


Our Program

In the pre-school years, children learn primarily through play, free movement and the innate ability to imitate all that surrounds them. Our teacher-facilitated classes, held in a homelike setting filled with beauty and warmth, offer rich opportunities for play-based learning. Hand-made toys and play materials from nature nourish the young child's developing senses, as they provide stimulus for creative play.

Today's scientific research continues to support what Waldorf education has shown for many years: When young children are given the opportunity to learn through play, this stimulus fosters imagination, concentration, coordination, language and number skills - capacities which lay a sound foundation for intellectual development in the elementary school years and beyond.

Our weekly classes provide a nurturing setting for meeting other parents, sharing unhurried moments with your child, or simply observing him/her in play and social interaction. We offer two programs:

  • Parent & Child: for children 13 months to 3 years old
  • Parent & Infant: for children 2 months to 12 months old
Growing Together

Our day often includes these activities:

  • Organic bread baking
  • Simple craft making from natural materials
  • The celebration of seasonal festivals
  • Puppetry
  • Organic tea and a wholesome snack
  • Outdoor play
  • Circle play with songs, finger games and nursery rhymes


Please visit our Admissions page to download the appropriate forms for enrollment.

What we have heard leveled at the Waldorf schools is "What will happen to my child out there in the world if he doesn't learn to read and write very quickly?" The issue is that the child's greatest strength for survival in a world of madness is to be totally whole, sane and in touch with the heart. The beauty of the Waldorf school is that it is designed entirely to keep children intact until they are ready to move out into the world as whole individuals.
- Dr. Douglas Sloane, Professor of Education at Teachers College, Columbia University