From our Mission Statement: We are devoted to protecting childhood and to providing an education that serves the needs of the developing human being.

Sixth Annual Fund Drive

Parents Speak:
"Clover Hill is a sheltering, magical place that provided the best year my daughter could possibly have had. Clover Hill is the best there is."

"Clover Hill gave my son a great foundation for his life. We see the benefits of choosing a Waldorf school for those early years every day as he continues to grow and learn on his own."

Dear Friends,

2014-2015 is our sixth year of operations and it begins a new phase for the School as we focus on consolidating the achievements of the start up years. Our top priorities remain to build enrollment and revitalize the individual giving portion of fundraising.

Enrollment continues to fluctuate due to many normal considerations including changing family needs, 6 year old "graduations" to 1st grade, and household relocations. Overall, however, we know we can grow significantly before we reach the authorized capacity of our classrooms. So it’s full speed ahead!

To encourage enrollment we’ve begun to use online promotion such as Google Adwords, while our outreach events continue such as the Harvest Fair and afternoon weekday teas with the faculty, all open to the community. Overall, word of mouth has proven to be the most effective approach. Our "rolling enrollment" policy also helps because it enables us to welcome children during the school year so we can grow without waiting for next year.

Revitalizing individual giving is our other top priority. Years of poor economic conditions have had a cumulative and depressing effect on charitable giving overall. We must redouble our efforts to spread the word about the uniqueness and value of the Clover Hill experience.

While much needs to be done, we are proud of what has been achieved so far and of all that the School has to offer. It is heartening to hear our Waldorf mentors say that, "Clover Hill is a magical, healing place." Even more, we are gratified and inspired as we follow the children and watch them grow. We are also inspired by their parents who are fully engaged and committed to Waldorf education and our mission.

Winter at Clover Hill

Like most new schools, Clover Hill must pay constant attention to our finances. Actually, a focus on finances is particularly true for Clover Hill because we have not built up reserves yet. Instead, we devoted extra resources to creating a special environment and excellent facilities that would distinguish Clover Hill from the outset. This has served us well. Even today, for most of us, just entering the classroom is such a positive experience. We're confident that the classrooms and play yard benefit enrollment.

Our ambitious goal for the 2015-2016 Fund Drive is $75,000. This is comprised of $10,000 from special events and activities, $50,000 from foundations, and $15,000 in individual contributions.

As you can see, foundation grants are vital. However, even combined with tuition income, they are not sufficient to enable us to provide a fully balanced program. Generous individual giving still is essential. This is the reality for all private schools, especially young ones like Clover Hill.

So we turn to the entire Clover Hill community for help in reaching the $15,000 goal for Individual Contributions. Based on past experience, we know that this is achievable if everyone participates, particularly if we reach to make the most generous contribution possible. This will enable us to pursue our mission unabated in spite of the expected shortfall in tuition income.

Please choose one of the following donation levels as your gift or pledge. Then ask yourself whether you can reach the next level up. Worker Bees and Honey Bees make a big difference! Making your contribution before year end would be very helpful for us.

Donation Levels

Blessed Bee $5,000+
Angel Bee $2,500-$4,999
Queen Bee $1,000-$2,499
Honey Bee $500-$999
Worker Bee $250-$499
Beekeeper $100-$249
Clover Flower Up to $100

There are three payment options: by check, by credit card or by financial instrument.

Whether you use a check or credit card, you can pay the full amount of your gift today


You can pay 25% today and pledge to pay the balance in three equal amounts:
#2 - 25% by February 15, 2015 (so it's deductible this year);
#3 - 25% by April 30, 2015, and
#4 - 25% by June 13, 2015. The school year and our fiscal year end in June.

Pay By Credit Card

You can make your contribution online by credit card by clicking the button below:

Mayday at Clover Hill

Pay By Financial Instrument

Gifts of stock, bonds or other financial instruments are most welcome. We will follow up if you indicate that this is your preference when you return the Contribution Confirmation Form (click to download the form as a .pdf). Or you can call Brian Moran at (203) 661-6484.

Reminder: Please see if your employer will match your gift. For more information, call Jessica Mullen at (914) 742-4922.


However you choose to contribute, please complete and return the Contribution Confirmation Form (click to download as a .pdf). If you are paying by check, please return it with the form.

Checks should be payable to:

The Clover Hill School, Inc.
P.O. Box 206
Riverside, CT 06878-0206.

We will send an acknowledgement of your tax-deductible contribution to the name and address you provide. If you have any questions or suggestions, please call Brian Moran at (203) 661-6484.